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ArduCopter Hexa KIT v1.0, Full Electronics - HEAVY LIFT ONE
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ArduCopter Hexa v1.0 - Fully featured UAV development platform.
Now with APM2.5

Finally it is here, ArduCopter HEXA for heavy payloads. This beast is more stable than the Quad version and will lift a lot more weight. 
Ideal for those who want to take this to the next level and lift a professional camera. 

This version uses 880kv motors and 30Amp ESC with 10 inches composite props! (updated to 10 inches for more stability with 4S)

This KIT contains almost everything you need to enter to world of multirotors. You only need to add your own Radio, Rx/Tx modules and Battery + Connector, every thing else is provided on this kit.

Frame set is based on famous ArduCopter design by Jani Hirvinen and his team on DIY Drones. 

What is ArduCopter? 
ArduCopter is a multirotor amateur UAV development platform and is meant for DIY people. Even if you are not a software developer or "hacker" who want to tune everything, you can still enjoy this community product. It also allows people to built their own looking mini UAV or just an ordinary R/C toy, all depends on it's owners needs. You can also program everything on it by your self or use software that is developed by DIY Drones community. Software is updated almost daily. 

jDrones is part of software development group at DIY Drones, software support for it is provided on their website on ArduCopter forum areas. 

You can find more information about development status and more:
ArduCopter forums
ArduCopter development wiki
ArduCopter issue tracker
ArduCopter software downloads

ArduCopter Hexa v1.0 KIT - HEAVY LIFT Contains (hardware): (Hexa = 6 MOTORS!) 
  • 1 x ArduCopter Hexa v1.0 Frame
    • 24" Frame (28cm arms New thicker ones for the same price!)
  • 6 x Motors designed to ArduCopter use, 880kv (biggest one available!)
  • 6 x ESCs designed to ArduCopter use, 30Amp (more headroom than 20Amp ones) 
  • 6 x Propellers designed to ArduCopter use, 10x45 Composite (Gray ones as they flex less)
  • 4 x HighRise 20cm landing gears 
  • 1 x ArduPilot Mega Flight controller board (latest version APM2.5

Everything else not listed here are optional and ArduCopter can be expanded with them of users can build their own expansions. Eg. this kit does not contain: Camera, Video systems, Batteries, Radio or other devices.

This KIT is a DIY kit, to assemble it you need to have basic soldering skills to solder ESCs cables/Connectors, Power distribution PCB and it's connectors, basic mechanical skills and knowledge to build whole frame.

Needs: Radio, Receiver and Battery to make it fly!

Fully assembled weight: 1.8 Kg  (no camera mount using 880kv motors and 10 inches props)
Payload Capacity: at very least 1.5kg (higher payloads just shortens flight time) 
User may also use two 4S Lipo to make this beast more powerful! (but it's recommended to use 10 inches composite propellers when using more power as 12 inches may spin too fast and lose some stability)  
Kit now contains 10 inches props!! 

Documentation can be found from ArduCopter's GoogleCode repository

Assembly guides can be found from ArduCopter HEXA Assembly

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