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Velcro Strips (by the foot)
Velcro Strips (by the foot)
Our Price: $1.00


Velcro strip sold by the foot, self adhesive.
Ideal to secure your APM, GPS, Radio, Telemetry to the frame.
Also add it to the LiPo and Frame to secure it in place (in addition to the regular LiPo Strap) this will prevent the LiPo to slide and change the Centre of Gravity.

Indicate how many foot you want.
1 = 1 feet (soft and rough sides).

ES0803M Horn Set &Screws
ES0803M Horn Set &Screws
Our Price: $1.50


ES0803M Horn Set & Screws.  Will fit micro servos. 
This one is the official set included in the EMAX ES08MD

Analog servo, 9g
Our Price: $6.25

Analog servo, 9g

Our analog 9g servo for all basic operations from camera mounts to airplane servos.
Specially designed for the GoPro camera mount

  • 1 x 9g Analog servo
  • 2 x Servo horn screws
  • 2 x Mount screws
  • 4 Servo horns (different types)
Note: These servo will not replace the HS-55 (different shaft size) found on the 3DR 2 Axis camera mount (not sold here) 

EMAX ES08MD Digital Metal gear servo
Our Price: $14.00

Ultra High Speed Metal Gears Digital Servo 

Great upgrade for the GoPro camera mount or any other gimbal

"Metal Gears" mean durability and heavy duty, "Digital" means precise and fast, you can't go wrong with these 2 features.
The Emax ES08MD digital micro servo features a full set Metal Gears inside, they provides you the best durablity and able to take heavy work load, the response time of this servo is 0.10 sec at 4.8V or 0.08 sec at 6V which is amazingly fast. It is definitely a stunning time for Metal Gears Servos. Compare with normal analog servos, this Digital version provides you more precise respond and centering position, this is way better when you want your camera gimbals to be smooth. 
2.4GHz Amplifier 1000mW
2.4GHz Amplifier 1000mW
Our Price: $58.00

Now with 1 Watt of output power! This amplifier is WIFI 2.4Ghz amplifier IEEE 802.11b/g compatible. Normally used to boost your wireless coverage and throughput.

This device also have some UAV/FPV applications, you can extend your transmitter range up to 4-8 miles. For more information of how to use it please read this article here.

Also as one of my customer mentioned, be careful to not overdrive the TX and WiFi amplifier. A booster failure means a crashed drone! Here is a much better link describing how to install these (this is advance stuff and I expect you to be at this level to buy this product)

IEEE 802.11b/g compatible. Network/Operational range: 2400~2500mhz. Operating modes: Bi-directional, half-duplex, time division duple senses RF carrier from transmitter and automatically switch receiving to transmitting mode. Transmit Gain: 15dB Adjustable. Receive Gain: <= 12 dB Typical. Input Power: 5~20dBm. Optimal Input Power: 9~13dBm. Output Power: 1000mW. Operating Voltage: 6V @ 200mA Includes: Amplifier Unit, adapter SMA cable, Antenna and wall adapter for US.