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Keep reading below for more Help / FAQ section on non-product related questions. 

Believe it or not the most common question is: 
Where do I start / What do I need? 

The answer is below but one thing to remember around here is that the wiki is your best friend! 

If you're just starting, we recommend you get a full kit. If you're handy with a soldering iron and are looking for a fun assembly project, get an unassembled version. If you just want something that will fly right out of the box, get a ready-to-fly (fully assembled) one (you only need to add a battery and RC-gear of your choice). 

Remember that even with the best pilot and hardware, you will have a crash at some point in time... this is a fact. So it is really expected from you the customer to get familiar with the equipment and how to repaid/upgrade it. It is not that hard to do it yourself and our products are backed by the best online community out there. DIYDRONES.COM

Before you start any assembly, READ the WIKI... everything is really well documented there and will save you time, frustration an money. 

Tuning guide

When you want to get maximum stability, you need to get your hands dirty and tune your copter. 

This discussion has all the information you need, even video to get you going.

Full Kits

Of course if you are in Canada you will want to buy your gear straight from us! 

If you are not in Canada you can buy full ArduCopter kits at any distributor listed here

At the moment there are two community supported official frame designs available, ArduCopter Quad (jDrones) and ArduCopter 3DR (3D Robotics). 

Quick shortcuts: Wiki for 3DR frame assembly instructions (here).

                          Wiki for ArduCopter frame assembly instructions (here).


If you don't want to buy a full kit, you'll need these components:

    • Frame: Either an official ArduCopter frame (with these, you don't need to tweak any PID settings) or your own (not recommended for beginners).
    • ArduPilot Mega (flight controller): Sold pre-assembled with choice of GPS.  
    • Telemetry kit (optional): 900Mhz for Candian legislation 
    • Sonar (optional): For autolanding and ground-hugging altitude hold, XL-MaxSonar EZ0
    • LiPo battery and charger: You can read basic info about LiPo batteries here. You'll also need a charger and some connectors (XT60 or HXT 4mm) remember to use same type of connectors on battery, charger and PDB it will make your life easier. 
    • RC gear: You'll need at least a six-channel RC unit. There are many, many models out there and ArduCopter works with all of them. We've used many of them, from expensive ones like the Futaba 7C series and Spectrum DX-8 to the very inexpensive (and always BackOrder) Turnigy 9X (use at your own risk as failsafe will not work on it until you reflash it with new firmware...) We offer the very nice WFT-09 with the combo FRSKY TX/RX this is a cheaper alternative to any big name Radio Controller, it gives you 8 channels, frequency hopping and a lot of reliability. 

Latest new and additional components can always be found here at Canada Drones. Contact me directly for any assistance. 

Keep reading below for more Help / FAQ section on non-product related questions. 

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