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Nanuk Raffle, Phantom 3 and more

Welcome to this Summer 2015 Edition Newsletter!

It's SUMMER TIME and we have great things to share with you.
Please have a look at this summer edition newsletter.
Remember to always fly safe and have fun!

Please note that I will be on vacation until end of July but shipping on most items will still continue thanks to the warehouse robots!

Email is always the better way to reach me and even on vacation I will look at them from time to time.

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I am very happy to finally release the new NANUK 945 case for DJI Phantom products.
This is an superb case designed around the Phantom 3 but will work wonders for any Phantom series you have.
As a big launch event I want to offer you some extra free stuff as well as a chance to WIN your NANUK 945 case FREE!

Purchase the case for $249 Canadian (plus shipping fees) and you will received over $60 of fee accessories.
It includes a free Nanuk Nano 310 case as well as a free NANUK shoulder strap.
The Nano 310 is perfect for your memory cards, wallet, phone, money...

On July 31st all customers who purchased their NANUK 945 case will be entered in a draw and 5 lucky customers will WIN their case purchase (including shipping fees!)

Click on the image below to add this AWESOME product to your cart.

      Phantom 3 PRO and Advance           

Of course you know by now that DJI is still the king of the sky with there latest released Phantom 3 line up.

The Phantom 3 PRO has a 4K camera while the Phantom 3 Advance has a regular HD camera. That is the main differnce betweend the 2 units.
Regardless of the one you select for your next drone you will get a top of the line product that now has 2km range (line of sight) and for that entire range you will receive video downlink in HD as well as full telemetry information and much more.

The inclusion of the DJI light bridge technology in the Phantom 3 serie is amazing, just a year ago that video downlink module was by itself $1600... now it's all included in the Phantom 3.

Please go to the product page to see the list of features as there is way to many to list here in a quick newsletter.

      Iceland from the sky           

Make sure you check this fantastic video about a nice trip in Iceland that Hybrid Dynamic Media did with our Phantom 3 Pro.

      Inspire 1           

When the job demands more speed, more precision and focus you need the DJI Inspire 1

This beast will fly at over 80km/h, remain stable under high winds and even allow dual operator controls where the pilot will focus on the flight and the cameraman will focus on the framing and video aspect of the operation.
Check it out online

      Emax NightHawk 250          

Still a lot of you guys love assembling and building your own copters.
The new fun thing to do is FPV racing (or simply flying around) with a 250mm size frame.
This provides super light frames so smaller motors and batteries are required. They are easy on your wallet and a ton of fun to fly around
Expect to need a lot of propellers as pushing the limits of controls and speed is what these will force you to do.

The parts lineup is growing for these baby quads so keep checking out this section on the website.

Please note the Emax Kits are not designed for beginners to the hobby as these are not RTF machines and require some research and rc knowledge to set up etc.

Last words
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Remember to have fun and fly safe!

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